Products are stored in raw material to wait before processing.


ASP can supply more than 10,000 spare parts on Caterpillar.

Firstly, the physical tests and chemical analyzes of the original sample are performed to determine the material type. Work called reverse engineering is done; the equivalent materials on the market are investigated and, if necessary, the improvement is made to produce a product that is more robust and durable than the original.

After making sure of the quality of the material, the technical drawing of the sample is drawn and then the patterning and modeling are done.

High-quality, high-tech suppliers use surface tests and x-rays after the spilled raw materials are tested in the laboratory.

Materials transferred from the suppliers to the plant are produced sensitively on the CNC workbenches. One of every 5 pieces in the production is subjected to size control in the CMM measuring device and production continues. All processes are followed by ERP system engineers.
After the finished products are passed through the 100% size control at the final inspection station, they are painted with protective oil, stored with appropriate packaging and made ready for shipment.

Each product analysis report, transaction time, cost account, operation records, conformity and quality reports are systematically recorded and archived individually.


The most important elements are built in the ASP Machine .

In addition to many processes used in the production of spare parts, we also perform robot welding, heat treatment, induction, grinding, balancing, threading, painting and finally product testing equipments and analysis reporting techniques.


Quality is among the ASP's primary goals .

All spare parts produced or supplied are subjected to a test series without being shipped to the market. Tests and controls start from the first steps up to the finished product. All tests and controls are performed in ASSAN-ASP laboratories. Raw material analysis, laser measurement, hardness tests, finished product run tests and finished product quality controls, respectively.

Assan was awarded ISO 9001: 2000 certificate in 1996. This is not only the quality of ASSAN's and its professionalism, but also the fact that it is a reliable manufacturer in this market. This quality certification has led ASSAN to target higher and it is a priority within the company.


ASP, which holds more than 1.2 million products per year; packaging, shipping and modern logistics systems.


Whatever your need and desire, we are in the service and spare parts area.


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