ASP is ASSAN GROUP company who produces spare parts of construction machines that are used all around the world with the latest technology in modern facility. As ASP, we export these products that we made from our 46.000 m2 indoor area and we are selling our products to all of the 6 continent, 56 countries, and more than 200 customers. We are the top three in the world market. In addition to manufacturing 16,000 varieties of products we were compatible with Caterpillar®, Komatsu®, Kawasaki®, Hitachi and Atlas Copco, every month we add 35 different products our quality never changes. We succeeded in proving that Caterpillar, the worlds biggest construction equipment sector, in 2014 Caterpillar preferred ASP as a spare parts manufacturer.

We make our products by using the right raw material. Our quality production sensitivity by carefully inspecting all operations thoroughly from the design phase, which is the first step to producing the spare parts until to the packaging stage. Every step taken in production is controlled by our trained and experienced workers. We make all of our prodcuts by using state-of-the-art machines. In addition to processing sensitive parts in production facilities, ASP, which has the processing feature of each piece weighing 16 tons, closely monitors all technical updates and improvements. At this point, ASP invested 25 million USD for our machine park in 2012 and added 113 CNC and 40 Universal looms.

"Our strongest point is our quality." In this way we are progressing with our ideology, our products are equivalent to the original parts and we guarantee the highest strength and durability. Providing high quality guaranteed products in the spare parts area of ​​the machines and providing usability, extraordinary saving and continuous support after sales is our basic principle.

In addition to our warehouse and regional offices we established our company in Dubai-Kuwait-Saudi Arabia-Iraq and Kazakhstan
We have the biggest service in Turkey established in 9.000 m2 indoor area with a 112 machine park. We provide renting and service for our machines.

We are closer to you with our new projects.



Established in 1971 in Ankara, ASSAN is a company known for its experience, fast and efficient service and high quality products, which was founded by ASSAN in 1996, ASSAN, ASP Machine has achieved great success and established itself as the best quality brand in the supply of existing spare parts in world market.

ASP's strongest focus is customer satisfaction and to achieve this, the company uses the most advanced technology in its facilities to ensure quality. The ASP brand has a high reputation around the world for both quality and reliability. This achievement enables the company to pursue continuous growth through research and development in products and technology.


  • 1971
    A small workshop with first hope
  • 1986
    ASSAN has been established with its first workshop with experienced and specialized staff.
  • 1992
    Our first export and worldwide adventure started with ASP.
  • 1996
    We have developed our production quality by adding our automatic CNC machines to my world.
  • 1998
    We built our second production.
  • 2001
    We combined our power with our new facility 4.000 m2 indoor area.
  • 2011
    We moved our factory to an area of 40,000 sqm in Sincan.
  • 2016
    We opened Turkey's biggest machine rental and service.
  • 2018



We are looking for team members who can share the same vision and mission with us. We are a progressive company that is "a world brand," and we need team members who want to understand our goals and meet the needs of open positions. If you are this, we invite you to the community.



1. General topics
a) Information about the labor legislation,
b) Legal rights and responsibilities of employees,
c) Cleaning and arrangement of the workplace,
ç) Legal consequences arising from occupational accidents and occupational diseases

2. Health issues
a) Causes of occupational diseases,
b) Disease prevention principles and application of prevention techniques,
c) Biological and psychosocial risk factors,
ç) First aid

3. Technical issues
a) Chemical, physical and ergonomic risk factors,
b) Manual lifting and handling,
c) Fire, explosion, fire and fire protection,
ç) Safe use of work equipment,
d) Working with screened vehicles,
e) Electricity, hazards, risks and precautions,
f) The reasons of occupational accidents and the application of protection principles and techniques,
g) Safety and health signs,
ğ) Use of personal protective equipment,
h) general principles of occupational health and safety and security culture,
ı) Evacuation and rescue