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Founded in Ankara in 1986, ASSAN is a company highly recognized for its experience, prompt and efficient service and high quality products supplied under the brand name of ASP which was established by ASSAN later on in 1996. Due to the strong experience of ASSAN, ASP Machinery has had major success and rooted itself as a top quality brand name in the supply of replacement spare parts available on the worldwide market.

ASP's specialty is the production of replacement spare parts for earth moving machinery. ASP is able to supply more than 10,000 replacement parts in the Caterpillar® line, more than 2,000 replacement parts in the Komatsu® line and more than 450 replacement parts in the Kawasaki® line. In addition to its current product range, ASP continues to grow its product line by developing and producing 35 new replacement spare parts on average every month. With its own production of 10,000 and supply of over 3,000 replacement spare parts from other carefully selected sources, ASP is without doubt the leader in production and sales in Turkiye.

ASP's strongest focus is on customer satisfaction and to achieve this, the company uses state of the art technology within its facilities to ensure its quality. The ASP brand has maintained a high reputation both in quality and reliability worldwide. This success keeps the company searching continuously for growth through research and development in products and technology.

ASP begins its production from the very first steps of the design of the item right up until the finished product. Each step taken in production is followed through with high-tech manufacturing tools managed by a trained and experienced staff.

The company is proud to have a facility capable of mass production which includes all the latest technology tools, totaling to 56 production machines of which 22 are CNC processing centers of the latest technology needed in its production. Apart from machining delicate items, these machines also have the ability to process items that weigh up to 16 tons each.

ASP produces all its items within its own facility, these processes include heat treatment, induction, grinding, tooth and gear processing, painting and greasing and finally testing which is of high importance and many other steps used in the production of replacement spare parts. ASP uses all the latest updates in replacement spare parts machining in its facility. This appropriately makes the company the leader on technology for this sector.

With a production of 10.000 and supply of 3.000 spare parts with a distribution to 28 locations, ASP is no doubt a worldwide brand name proudly taking place as one of the leaders in the business of replacement spare parts.

ASP is now capable to present a quicker delivery than ever and a better service with 3 new branches in Baghdad/IRAQ, Riyadh/SAUDI ARABIA and recently in Sharjah/UAE.

As ASP items are produced by ASSAN, both companies give great importance to high quality items. All replacement spare parts produced and supplied are thoroughly put through a series of test and inspections before being put on the market. Test and inspection begins from the first steps and continues right up until the finished item. Test and inspections are all done within the facilities of ASSAN and ASP and include raw material analysis, laser measurement, hardness tests, mounted working tests for the finished products and finished item overall controls. All items produced by ASSAN and supplied by ASP are produced with the latest technology.

ASSAN achieved the ISO 9001:2000 certificate in 1996, this not only has certified the quality and professional organization of ASSAN but has also marked ASSAN as a reliable producer in the market. This quality certification has aimed ASSAN to reach higher and is a top priority in the company.

ASP headquarters and production plant are placed in an area of 46.000m2 and employ a team of 200 trained and experienced personnel. The production plant consists of 111 production machines, of which 66 are CNC processing centers of the latest technology.

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